George Lake

About George Lake

George Lake Scout Camp is a 60 hectare wilderness camp owned by Scouts Canada and located on the shores of George Lake in Manitoba's Whiteshell Provincial Park. The camp provides a safe, environmentally sustainable wilderness camp for Venturer and Rover ages members of Scout Canada. The camp is located approximately 6 kilometers southeast of Ponte Du Bois and is accessible by water craft (boat or canoe) via the Winnipeg River with a 3 kilometer portage from the Winnipeg River to the camp. George Lake Camp is also accessible in the winter when ice conditions are safe by snowmobiling, snowshoeing or hiking down the Winnipeg River.

The camp's remote location is well suited for youth led outdoor adventure activities. The presence of a cabin, experienced leader guides and cell phone communication provides a safe wilderness experience for all campers. With 60 hectares, George Lake Scout Camp is an excellent location for youth to safely experience and practice wilderness camping. The camp povides a great opportunity for youth to develop and practice advanced wilderness safty skills and youth led environmental studies and projects.

George Lake